Boomer Sling Bags

These roomy slings are perfect for all your pickleball gear. Three zippered compartments and a mesh side pocket to hold up to 4 paddles, 6 balls, water bottles, and your personal items.

Boomer Sling Bag Charcoal


Boomer Sling Bag Heather Gray

Heather Gray

Get a Grip on the Game

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Boomer Paddle Cover

Made of soft, durable neoprene.
Boomer Paddle Cover
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Boomer Paddle Carry Case

Boomer Paddle carry Case

Keep your paddles clean, dry, and protected.

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Gear up your happy place!

Boomer Pickleball Rackets

Check out our Signature, Baseline, and Boomer Wood-Series paddles.

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Outdoor & INDOOR

Boomer Pickleball
Extra Durable. Consistent Bounce. Straight & True Flight.
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Portable, Quick & Easy

Boomer Pickleball

Portable pickleball nets for easy setup -- anywhere.

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Save With Bundles

Save money with Boomer Bundles

Share the fun when you bundle.  (Paddles + Balls + Bags + Nets)

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Paddle Racks

Heavy Duty / All Weather
Boomer Pickleball Rackets

Keep track of who's "next-up" on the court.

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With over 4.2M happy players in the U.S. alone (2020), Pickleball
is the fastest growing sport in America.