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The Boomer “Next-Up” Tracker is a fair and effective player rotation system.  Together with Boomer’s 4D or HD Paddle Racks, the “Next-Up” Tracker promotes organization, courtesy, and sportsmanship as pickleball courts crowd over with fun for everyone.  Mounted centrally with up to twelve surrounding paddle racks, the “Next-Up” Tracker ensures all players get fair turns on the courts.  Made of heavy-duty 1/8” steel, added PVC-to-vinyl on contact surfaces, fence-securing backplates, black weather-proof powder coating, and mounting hardware included.  The Boomer “Next-Up” Tracker: A super-durable and permanent upgrade to your busy pickleball courts.
  • Dimensions:  16”x18”x2.5”
  • Weight:  11 lbs

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